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I simply cannot believe that it has been one year since Tess & The Ashes Catastrophe was published. The time has gone incredibly fast and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported and championed me. My Hubby and Girls have been taken the brunt of my highs and lows but their encouragement has never wavered and has kept me going and believing in the process.

Highlights have been publication day, seeing my book on an actual bookshop bookshelf and meeting some wonderful people both in person and through social media who are as passionate as I am about reading, cricket and girls' sport. But two highlights stand out.

The first was during a school visit. A boy at the school already owned a copy of Tess & Eddie which he brought along on the day, and it was well-read. He was excited to meet me as an author which was the first time I actually felt like a proper author instead of the imposter syndrome that constantly nags. The boy was smiling throughout my talk and was so happy when I signed his book.

The second is the son of a friend of mine. He declared that I was his favourite author - even better than Roald Dahl. Hmm, I don't think so, but then again, Roald Dahl has never been to his school for an author visit so I'll take it!

Lowlights - a few editing hiccups and many doors either not being opened or slammed in my face. But overall, it's been a wonderful year and I'm so proud of the book and myself for being brave enough to put myself out there.

Book 2... it's on its way and I'm still looking at publication next year.

So, here's to many more years of writing and publishing and loving what I do.


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